What's your DUI.Q?

How many drinks does it take before you're driving under the influence?

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Remember, there's no such thing as "driving a little buzzed."

If you're driving when you're "buzzed," you're Driving
Under the Influence --in other words, you're drunk!

Find out the real effect alcohol has on your driving


Use your head. Take a cab.

Sober Cab

Call A+ Taxi at 763-295-8294 or Christie Cab at 763-913-4889 the next time you go out with friends. Serving Wright County, Sober Cab can give you a ride home if you've had too much to drink or you can schedule a round trip and leave your car at home for the night.

These socially responsible bars and restaurants are providing free cab rides home in case you over indulge. Just ask the bartender and a cab will take you home for no charge - up to a $15 value.

View the List of Participating Establishments

The Sober Ride program serving Wright County is a partnership with the distributing companies of Bernicks, Dahlheimer Beverage and Thorpe Distributing.

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Drink as a group, be responsible as a group

When you're out with friends, you're not just responsible for yourself. If you suspect that anyone in your group is impaired, join together to keep that person from driving.